entry 17 - my birthday month 3/08/23

well! first of all! got over not being able to celebrate valentines properly pretty quickly cuz i got to see them again so thats nice. i've been drawing a lot recently! much more than before huhu im at the point where i'm pretty comfortable with my style rn but i'm still experimenting a whole lot.. i used to do a lot of painty lineless art but now im kinda feeling it for lineart again! except lineart in this case is just my cleaned up sketches lol

my birthday is in three weeks and i got tickets to a con on april! i forget if ive mentioned things previously here already but i've been planning to cosplay xingqiu for a while now and it's probably going to happen soon which is EXCITINGGGG HAHAHWA

also really been into typology lately its stupid. i just like reading about all that stuff overanalyzing my favorite characters its so fun peeking into peoples behaviors and why they do the things they do... but thats kinda it for now.. tldr hyperfocus. like thats it. did i mention the corkboard i got recently? i don't know but i fixed it a few days ago on a voice call with a friend and i think the layout's pretty nice. got vibrant colors and shit love that

but this is where i sign off for now i'm pretty tired.. my fingers have been dying from constantly being in a writing position due to nonstop drawing haha.. but yea until next time -★

entry 16 - february summary 2/22/23

its almost been a month since my last update lord
I'm kind of sick right now so that gave me some time to update on things.. I don't actually remember what happened this month let me think for a moment

I went out of town to the more rural areas of the country so that was nice. Got obsessed with listening to songs from the 1975 too haha i like their vibes. One thing i'm a bit disappointed about is how i couldn't spend time with my gf for valentines :(( Went out of town right before valentines and couldnt see them cause i had to rest

i've been making a bunch of friends this month.. not really sure how it happened but i've been enjoying their company! this month has been pretty good to me so far i guess. i'm hitting another art peak and kinda impressed tbh how the hell are my hands even capable of doing that... i'm just waiting for the drop to happen lmfao

and i dont mean it in a negative way i'm just saying usually when my art gets a huge boost of improvement in a short time its usually accompanied by months of shit i'm not satisfied with and attempts to get my artstyle back to something i like. and then it repeats in a cycle. Life of an artist fr
this part of the entry will talk about some genshin leaks so don't read if you dont wanna see!

i've been thinking of those rumored leaks that scara will appear again in 3.6 for an akademiya competition thing. and that he's assigned to vahumana. and im like. why is that so perfect for him. vahumana and their focus on whats basically history and social science...philosophy bla bla bla.. holy fucking shit. i rlly do hope those leaks r real cuz it fits his character so well im having scholar scara thoughts.. oh m godddd !!!!

to wrap this update up i've been dancing a lot in my room. i think it's very fun. but i also curse myself for gaining another hobby. my birthday's also next month and i'll be getting a xingqiu cosplay. then i'll be attending a con on april. i'm pretty excited for it. i also just realized how i never greeted scara last month on his birthday here so i'll be ending it with a happy belated birthday kabukimono scaramouche wanderer love u mwah -★

entry 15 - fun day! 1/25/23

Super busy this month... I hope to get a break soon
I keep sleeping through the afternoon the moment i come back from classes. Which kinda makes it so that i dont get a lot of things done which suuucksssss but today was pretty eventful i would say. Im in the midst of getting several huge projects done so hopefully i dont die

I've managed to form a little friendgroup somehow. Making new friends is nice, but having to initiate the convo is so hard im so bad at it.. im only good at pretending i am huhu... Today our class put up a freedom wall, and we almost got in trouble cause some of us wrote some weird shit. (Not me tho #safe) Writing on boards with lots of people is really fun tbh yk just like. Graffiti style stuff. Its really nice to see it from afar with all the messages scattered around cause like look! a bunch of people came together to fill up a board with messages! how cute!

Genshin portion of the entry again. ITS MY ONE YEAR ON GENSHIN WOOO i love mental illness! I'm forever grateful for getting xingqiu on the second day i downloaded genshin .. He started it all xingqiu mvp love u little skrunkle. he was so silly this lantern rite too! honestly this lantern rite didnt seem that much involved than last year which is kinda disappointing but the banquet sure didnt disappoint!! venti and zhongli were so funny like you guys r so unserious i felt so bad for xiao little guy couldnt take it anymore.. I also got some more xingyun crumbs!! my yearly xingyun crumbs that come with every lantern rite AHAHAW we actually got to see xingqiu sneaking carrots into yun's bowl

I also got myself a little alhaitham out of impulse i dont have anything for him i just decided i'll pull for him cause hes funny and so autism.. won the 50/50 now i have a lvl 20 haitham just sitting there but thats ok! he will sit there and look pretty.

Not sure how to end this one. Happy belated chinese new year i suppose. Will be back again for more bullshit by february! -★

entry 14 - oh... 1/1/23

I cannot believe it. Christmas break is almost over and all i've done is sleep and play games.
maybe i can count that as a good christmas break but like... wow i could've been more productive... But happy new year! its new year! i never liked new year! its too loud for me

i have too many hobbies to juggle too many things i want to do to the point where i barely end up doing any of them... it's quite a pain :') i suppose bi-weekly updates will really be the norm for a while. i've actually been using my time to be crazy annoying to my friends with my thoughts you people will Not understand. being really cringe and enjoying your ships however you want is really fun honestly. i love making stupid aus and drawing stupid stuff and making everyone look at my stupid stuff.. anyways! an update on the christmas party with friends, it was !! very fun !! we danced !! played games !! played stupid videos on the tv !! blasted music !! took photos !! exchanged gifts !! it was awesomeee

i've been thinking of readjusting a lot of the stuff on my website for a while..like.. completely revamping the homepage.. i might drop all the xingyun stuff into its own separate shrine so i can decorate it more to my liking, but that'll happen in like a really long time cause i still have to relearn some stuff and finish other projects haha

this is the genshin portion of every damn entry i write cause the game has me in a chokehold. i've been playing too much windtrace i don't even try to hide most of the time i just sit there and hope the hunter is friendly so we could have a small chat.. but as a hunter i literally just speedrun through and catch everyone in like less than 2 minutes every time huhuu... but thats all for this week. i wish everyone who reads this good fortune and a good 2023! may this year be kind to you. -★

entry 13 - recap 12/19/22

this'll be a long one since a Lottt happened
its christmas break now which means i have a good amount of time to myself! i got scaramouche and managed to get him at c2 (at the cost of two lost 50/50s. hello diluc.) and im very happy he's really fun to play!! 10/10/8 talents rn tho.. triple crown soon!!! the archon quest was really good too, very interesting though i felt like every single emotion at once while doing it.. chiscara my lovelies... oh what has happened to you...

i was actually aiming to get ayato but then i just decided to use up all i had for scara since ive been saving for him since the start anyways... then i'll save up again for his rerun so i can guarantee his weapon ... the grind never ends
anyways aside from that splatoooooon!! splatoon came!!!!!!! its so funnnn but sadly i cant play for that long cause my wrists will actually die but SPLATOOOOOONN!! AHHHH!!! octobrush is so fun i love not actually aiming that much in a damn shooter game HAHAHA

and i had a christmas party with classmates and had some of them watch me play proseka and gained some friends so that was nice!! just this weekend i went on another date with my gf and tomorrow i'm going to another christmas party but this time with close friends!!! planning to blast stayc in their ears hehe

i hope to get some things here fixed soon... if i dont get to that yall can slap me but for now i will sleep! -★

entry 12 - happy december

a bunch of stuff happened this week!
today i picked up on editing again and tried out after effects. currently very excited to improve and make edits that i like!! i went out last weekend too, went to the city and saw a lot of cats. there was a bunch of kittens too and they were really cute! only downside though is that i had to go to some new restaurant my parents were checking out and had to deal with the worst customer service ever like the food was alright but the rice was so bad i lost my appetite uuuuughh

cities are really nice in the nighttime honestly just like wandering around the block and shit is a very calming experience for me.. anyways i think scara's release might be delayed and im trying not to Lose my Mind about it rn If scara release gets delayed then OKAY!! OKAY!! SPLATOON 3 IS COMING IN THE MAIL THIS WEEKEND!! ATLEAST ILL HAVE SOMETHING TO DISTRACT MYSELF WITH!! scaramouche please dont do this to me

i also just finished my term exams and i think im failing some of these subjects but whatever... its fineee... -★

entry 11 - wtf do you mean chuu is gone 11/26/22

i dont know much about loona im more of a twice guy but chuu was the only member i knew and like WTFF THEY KICKED HER OUTTT bruh justice 4 chuu what the hell!

november is almost over it seems... thats kinda crazy actually it feels like it was october just yesterday!! i watched the 3.3 livestream and since i was avoiding leaks i was met with really nice surprises! scara's gonna be really fun to play im so excited to get him

i accidentally ended up working on something that could be a shrine page for my computer assignment so i might put that here later in a bit. i'm also going out later for dinner at some new restaurant!! hopefully the stuff there is good -★

entry 10 - NEW LAYOUT

ITS THE WEEKEND WHICH MEANS i now have the time to do fun things!!

i fixed up the entire blog page and made it so that it didn't look that much like the other pages. So far i'm satisfied with it but theres still a few problems i dont know how to fix haha

I put a bunch of chiscara pics in here cuz... idk its just one of the ships i find interesting. I'll probably get it changed after a while tho since its kinda just a placeholder. After this i hope to get the about page cleaned up a little too, and then finally work on some shrines !! Wooooo
Thats about it actually i havent done anything else loll bye for now! -★

entry 9 - holy shit 11/17/22

SCHOOL IS BEATING MY ASS omg okay. i have so much work to do jesus christ!!!

My classroom is decorating for christmas already and its november o_o i want to get some stuff here fixed but i havent had the time... There hasn't been much going on this week since boring work is all i've been doing

A freedom wall was put up somewhere on my campus and my friends put some enstars related shit on it that got taken down the next day there were a looot of kids who drew among us instead of writing anything
on an unrelated note... me and some friends plan to booth at an artist alley at some conventions next year! it'll take up a lot of money but hopefully things go as planned :3 i want to make xingyun merch -★

entry 8 - break is over 11/6/22

Did not work on the site as much as i wanted to but anyways hi! I've been having a lot of fun with the newest genshin update so i've just been kinda dead everywhere. The newest archon quest took me by surprise it was really good! Beating up the new scara boss is my new favorite hobby forreal

I just spent the entire week on genshin with a few breaks inbetween to do homework... right now im getting on that grind to prefarm scara's materials

Enough about genshin for now, today i went out to visit my cousins place!! My niece was there and she was being very cute and adorable shes like super small and she just recently learned how to walk!!! There were a lot of cats out in the neighborhood, and i spotted one on someone's roof. As i'm writing this my leg has been hurting soooo bad the muscles are a bit strained hahahaaaaa so i'm probably just gonna go to bed. Tomorrow i have school, lets hope i dont just collapse cause i've been sleeping at like 3am throughout the entire break.. -★

entry 7 - really excited 11/1/22


MY HUNDRED OR SO FATES WILL FINALLY BE PUT TO GOOD USE!! IM SO EXCITED!!! HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! AHHHH!!! This is crazy i've been waiting for him since december 2020!!! I was supposed to save about 300 or so fates for him though i decided to use some for cyno so now im just like. nearing 200. I might have more than that by 3.3 though so yay!! I'm not aiming for c6 i just hope i get him early and i get his weapon like thats all i need i just need him in my pocket so bad
I wanted to get him cause he looks awesome, his personality and lore are quite interesting, and because i also needed an electro dps... but then cyno came in!! So i'm fine with anemo scaramouche. It fits, and blue looks soooo good on him too

Anyways happy November!! Feels like last month went by so quickly!! I'm thinking of adding shrine pages soon because honestly i need it really bad i need somewhere to put all of the xingyun brainworms i have in my head. Hopefully i get working on that soon :) -★

entry 5 - halloween! 10/30/22


A few days ago (the 28th) was the day my school had the halloween event i was talking about!! Went trick or treating despite my age, very fun!! A bunch of people recognized that i was cosplaying sunny!! I could've made a few new friends from that, but i didn't have the time to ask them for their socials or anything so that sucked
Hopefully this week i'll have some time to add stuff to my website i was thinking of adding a really long time ago, since it's gonna be my break. Not sure if i'll go through with it though cause i still have a lot of work to do. Yesterday it rained, and i was hoping to go to another convention, but alas, i was yet again unable to go!! When will i finally be able to go to another con this year?!?! The only good thing i got out of it was that i was able to have ramen for dinner.
Today i just spent my time doing work and working on my genshin teapot... I figured out how to do some of those glitches people do to make their builds look better, and i've been having a lot of fun with it. I also recommended some anime for my dad to watch and he's been liking spyxfamily a lot nowadays. That's it for now, maybe tomorrow i can scream over here if scaramouche's drip marketing gets released. If not, i'll just look like a clown. -★

entry 4 - this week 10/22/22

Postnasal drip is so annoying...
I've been doing a bunch of things this week! A lot of reading actually. I started csm, and right now i'm really liking it! Although theres a lot of blood, im not sure how i'll watch the anime properly lol.. Anyways i'm suffering through a cold so thats inconvenient
What else... It's very likely that there'll be a halloween event that my school will be hosting, and we have to go dress up. I'm gonna go in a closet cosplay of Sunny!!!! my little omori skrunkle -★

entry 3 - a short one 10/12/22

I'm not sure if the text is readable enough now that i think about it...
i finished up a lot of work on the website today. I'm satisfied with the current layout! All that's left is the music, and some pictures in the welcome page. -★

entry 2 - grapefruit 10/11/22

What is grapefruit exactly?

I think of it as a little imaginary website where my ocs post on. Kind of like this, with blogs and chatrooms and all that. Thank god i found out about neocities shortly after coding a little draft on how i think it'd look like. If i didn't already, i'm planning to put little snippets of that imaginary site onto here. I don't have the time to dump my oc lore on this site yet.. they're gonna be missing a lot of context.. But it's fine. My friend once compared it to homestuck's pesterchum haha -★

entry 1 - hello 10/11/22

I'm considering this the first blog entry.

Making a website is fun, but tiring. I've been delaying homework a little just so i can get this to a point where its presentable enough to show the public. (I did it!)

I don't really type like this i'm being way too formal but i'll keep it like this for a while until i get tired of it and reveal the absolute annoyance that is me without any filters. Anyways.. things that happened this month so far.. I went out to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday, that was fun. There was a con around the same time and couldn't go, but atleast i got xingyun charms from it! Genshin 3.1 got released, and i still haven't had the time to check out the new areas.. But right now that's about it. Do you like the Mizuki gifypet? I might add a guestbook soon. -★

This right here!! Is a placeholder!

There's pictures that cover the
text!! So i just put this here

So that the pictures would not
cover anything else